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More than any other book in the New Testament, the book of Acts provides us with a clear picture of how the early church made disciples in obedience to the command of Christ and multiplied churches in order to advance the kingdom of Christ.

This series challenges individuals and churches to put aside traditions, comforts, preferences, and programs in order to follow the example of the early church as they beheld the glory of Christ, relied upon the Spirit of Christ, and proclaimed the gospel of Christ.


Week 1
3.5.17 • Sean Jazdzyk

In Week 1 of this series studying the book of Acts, Pastor Sean dives into what the beginning of the local church actually looked like and their dependance on the Holy Spirit to not only guide them, but to empower them to take what they've experienced and share it with everyone.

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Week 2
3.12.17 • Sean Jazdzyk

In Week 2 of this series, Pastor Sean dives into what our ministry is, not only the local church's, but ours individually as Christ followers. We were never called to begin a relationship with Christ and that's it...we were called to make disciples and spread the Gospel.

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