Series Dates: 8.9.15 - 8.30.15

A Place for Everyone

We believe everyone should have a place to CALL HOME and, more importantly, a place to GROW...a place where you can CONNECT with others, DISCOVER your God-given purpose and LEARN to make a difference.


Week 1 - Follow God
8.9.15 • Sean Jazdzyk

Do you ever feel enslaved? Empty? Exhausted? Choosing to follow God can relieve you of so many of your burdens in life. It's the first step in finding the place He has for you.

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Week 2 - Connect with Others
8.16.15 • Sean Jazdzyk

God never called us to follow Him alone. He's placed others in your life, whether they are friends, family, co-workers or acquaintences. Real life change happens when you grow and foster the relationships God's given you.

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Week 3 - Discover Purpose
8.23.15 • Sean Jazdzyk

It's not just enough to start to follow God and begin to connect with others. You have to become rooted in your faith. Would you rather be the tree that falls over because of a slight breeze or one that can withstand a hurricane?

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Week 4 - Find Fulfillment
8.30.15 • Kells Weatherby

It's only after you find and discover what God's purpose is for your life, that you find true fulfillment in life. So whether it's serving or getting involved in a small group, God wants us to be in community with each other...for the advancement of His Kingdom.

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