series dates: 11/1/15 - 11/29/15

ABCs of Financial Freedom
#ABCFreedom's a dirty word that no one likes to talk about but everyone deals with it. Whether it's credit cards, personal loans, car payments or even your house...and it has the habit of piling up easier and quicker than you think.

This series is designed to help you understand scripturally what debt does to your life and how you can find freedom from it's bonds through faithfulness in Christ!


Week 1 - Attitude
11.1.15 • Sean & Tara Jazdzyk

Pastor Sean Jazdzyk and his wife, Tara, give their story of paying off debt and realizing the freedom that Christ gives you when you don't allow yourself to live beyond your means.

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Week 2 - Bondage
11.8.15 • Sean Jazdzyk

Pastor Sean dives into the bondage that debt ties us up in and the steps we can take to break ourselves out of that bondage with the help and strength of Christ.

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Week 3 - Choice
11.15.15 • Sean Jazdzyk

As we make our way through the ABCs of Financial Freedom, Pastor Sean explores the steps it takes to make the conscious, and sometimes difficult, choice to follow God into freedom with your finances and what scripture has to say regarding these steps.

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Week 4 - Decision
11.22.15 • Sean Jazdzyk

Pastor Sean takes this week of ABCs of Financial Freedom to talk about the decision to start making your way towards financial freedom! He hones in on the principle of sowing and reaping and what it means to be patient as you sow and know that God will allow you to reap so much more!

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Week 5 - Encouragement
11.29.15 • Sean Jazdzyk

Pastor Sean dives into Week 5 of our ABCs of Financial Freedom series by talking about encouragement and how important it is on the path to being free from the bondage of debt. You can't do it alone...find those in your life who can be your biggest cheerleader along the way and surround yourself with stories of success.

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