Series Dates: 9.6.15 - 9.27.15

At the Movies

We will be spending the month of September talking about some of this year's biggest blockbusters and how they teach us about issues like feeling at home, not letting your past define you, and being content with what God's given you.

At the Movies is one of the most creative, innovative sermon series we have done so far - you're not going to want to miss it!

*Clips from the movies used in each message won't be published online due to our cooperation with copyright laws.*


Week 1 - Dreamworks' HOME
9.6.15 • Sean Jazdzyk

Using Dreamworks' movie HOME, Pastor Sean parallels the struggles and victories in the movie to Biblical truths dealing with finding your "home" and not letting current circumstances keep you from discovering your true purpose in Christ.

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Week 2 - Marvel's Ant-Man
9.13.15 • Sean Jazdzyk

In life sometimes your past can keep you from transforming into the person God wants you to be. Listen as Pastor Sean uses Marvel's superhero movie, Ant-Man, to talk about identifying and accepting the opportunities God presents you and transforming into the hero God wants you to be.

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Week 3 - Disney/Pixar's Inside Out
9.20.15 • Sean Jazdzyk

Emotions are unavoidable...but the real question is will you let your emotions rule your life? Pastor Sean looks at Inside Out to explain what emotions are, how they drive your life, and how your circumstances can alter how you view past experiences in your life.

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Week 4 - Universal's Jurassic World
9.27.15 • Sean Jazdzyk

What happens when you let your ambition to create an addiction to excess in your life? Pastor Sean uses Jurassic World to illustrate how the addiction to excess can become gluttony that darkens your soul...and how God can turn your life of extreme excess into a life that glorifies Him.

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