Series Dates: 1.3.16 - 1.31.16

Making Room for What Matters

Do you feel too busy with too little time? It's a New Year...which means everyone will be making resolutions. More often than not, the resolution people make the most if making more room in their lives for the things that and family.

Don't allow the busyness of your life to force you to live your life with no margin. Join us Sundays in January as we share how to live your life with margin and also give you practical tools to help make more room for what matters most!


Week 1 - The Fasting Room
1.3.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

In Week 1 of this new series on making room for what matters Pastor Sean dives into the Biblical basis for fasting...what it means...the different kinds...what it does for our relationship with Christ...and how we can be successful in fasting to grow closer to Jesus.

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Week 2 - The Living Room
1.10.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

Pastor Sean unpacks the Biblical steps to creating extra space in your life...sometimes it means saying no...sometimes it means cutting something out that occupies too much time...sometimes it means simply sitting quietly and allowing Christ to speak into you.

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Week 3 - The War Room
1.17.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

Pastor Sean gets down to the meat of what it takes to make room in your life for what matters. Maybe it's saying no to something you love doing...or just stopping and being. Too many times we get ourselves so busy with things, or the things of Christ, that we forget why we exist!

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Week 4 - Moral Elbow Room
1.24.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

Pastor Sean dives into what it means to guard yourself from the temptations of this world. It's not enough to just cut things out of your schedule to make have to set guardrails and standards up to keep your mind, body and spirit pure for the things God wants for you.

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Week 5 - New and Improved?
1.31.16 • Pastor Josh Mauney

Special guest speaker, Pastor Josh Mauney (Director of Church Planting at ARC Churches) brings a special message to close the series out about living a life that is new and improved. Would you rather continue living the life you were or find a new and refreshed purpose in Christ?

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