Series Dates: 5.15.16 - 6.19.16

Family Circus
Juggling a Family of Clowns, Daredevils and Wild Animals

From juggling responsibilities to trying to tame the wild animals, there is never a dull moment in the life of a family. It is a mixture of strength and beauty, fear and laughter, amazement and times we just have to close our eyes.

At times we laugh and other times we cry and through it all we wonder how it will all turn out. Yes, family can be a circus at times, but join us as we discover how it can also be…THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!


Week 1 - The Greatest Show on Earth
5.15.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

Week 1 of this incredibly fun series kicks off by diving into the expectations we put on ourselves and our families. This is what makes having a family not only a roller coaster ride but the greatest show on Earth. Pastor Sean looks at scripture to unpack what it means to have healthy expectations for, not only yourself, but your family.

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Week 2 - Navigating the Funhouse
5.22.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

Week 2 unpacks the idea of what it takes to successfully navigate through the different stages of life. Sometimes situations can present themselves like funhouse mirrors...distorted and worse than they are. But we can never forget that it is Christ who can guide us through the funhouse to his blessings on the other side!

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Week 3 - Walking the Tightrope
5.29.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

Week 3 looks at unveiling the secrets of intentional parenthood. Everyone can tell you how hard parenthood is but until you're in it, you have no idea. And it's even more difficult to intentionally parent your children by showing them the love and grace of Christ.

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Week 4 - Taming the Lions
6.5.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

Week 4 looks into the issue of relational conflict and just how to conquer it. In every relationship with have, we're bound to have conflict on some level, and Pastor Sean looks to scripture on how to conquer it in the power of Christ and move your relationships forward in happiness and health.

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Week 5 - Flying the Trapeze
6.12.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

In Week 5 of this series, Pastor Sean Jazdzyk unpacks the idea of what it takes for parents to help their children reach new heights, not only in their personal lives, but in their walks with Christ. Our children have all the potential in the world...we just have to encourage them to use it!

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Week 6 - World's Strongest Man
6.19.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

In the last week of this series, Pastor Sean Jazdzyk honors fathers by giving a message geared towards building them up and showing them what it takes to be the man of God dads are called to be. Because let's be honest...when push came to shove, our dad was strong enough to help us through anything.

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