Series Dates: 2.7.16 - 2.28.16

Handle With Heart

Now we know what you're thinking...and no we're not doing a series on those darling love handles some of us deal with on our sides...

Does LOVE have a handle? If so, how are you HANDLING it? That's the question this series addresses. Scripture tells us the "love the Lord with all your heart...and love others as yourself."

Getting a handle on love first comes from realizing it's been handed to you so that you can hand it off to others.


Week 1 - Getting a Handle on the One He Loves
2.7.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

Pastor Sean Jazdzyk takes Week 1 of this new series to present the idea of how we handle love as humans and ultimately followers of Christ. He looks at the story of Christ's love for Lazarus and how we can (and should) have that love for those in our lives.

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Week 2 - Not Wasting Yourself
2.14.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

In Week 2 of this series, Pastor Sean unpacks the idea of finding out what your "love language" is and pursuing that in all areas of your relationships. Finding out how you perceive love is important, but equally as important is finding out of hows perceive love.

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Week 3 - Love the Lord AND...
2.21.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

Week 3 of the series unfolds as Pastor Sean dissects the idea of not only loving God, as our Savior, but following that up with the other "great" commandment to love your neighbor as yourself. It's tough to love others...especially when you don't feel like they deserve it...but Christ calls us to rise above!

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Week 4 - What Are You Walking Around?
2.28.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

Pastor Sean concludes this series by talking about what happens when we choose to not avoid those we don't love, but instead embrace them. Unpacking the parable of the Good Samaritan, Pastor Sean shows what Christ says about loving those who you may think are unloveable, and what happens when you do!

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