Series Dates: 7.10.16 - 7.31.16

A Study in the Book of Mark

It's one thing to call yourself a's a completely different thing to know the Man who changed the world and mark yourself with His characteristics.

This series uncovers what it means to be truly "marked" by Christ and to live your life like it!


Week 1 - The God I Never Knew
7.10.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

In Week 1, Pastor Sean dives into the book of Mark by talking about Christ as a comforter and the different ways in which He walks alongside us through everything. We learn about the God we never knew.

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Week 2 - Bringing God Into Every Situation
7.17.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

Week 2 looks at what true prayer as a Christ follower looks like. It's more than just praying for safe travels or a favorable result on a's truly immersing yourself in His spirit and seeking His will for your life.

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Week 3 - The Mark of a Servant
7.24.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

In Week 3, Pastor Sean talks about what it truly looks like to be a servant of Christ. It's not just about doing what's asked of you...but doing it with the heart of Christ and truly putting the Lord of your life first.

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Week 4 - The Mark of Sharing Christ
7.31.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

In the final week of this series, Pastor Sean tackles the subject of witnessing. As a Christ follower we're not only called to worship our Savior, but to spread His good news to anything and everyone that will listen!

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