SERIES DATES: 3.6.16 - 3.27.16

The Why Behind the What

Throughout scripture there are accounts of Jesus Christ performing many miracles. Turning water into wine...walking on water...calming the storm...raising Lazarus from the tomb...raising HIMSELF from the dead.

But this series dives into the why behind each one of these miracles. What lesson was Christ teaching? Because the miracles by themselves are amazing, but the reason behind them is even more powerful!


Week 1 - Walking on Water
3.6.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

We all know the story of Jesus walking on water and saving Peter from drowning when he took his eyes off Christ. But Pastor Sean opens this series up by looking at the scriptural truth Christ was teaching Peter when he fell short and why the miracle of walking on water was so important.

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Week 2 - The Cause of Fear
3.13.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

One of Jesus' more well known miracles is when Christ challenged His discples to push out to the deep water and cast their nets for a tremendous catch. But the true miracle was when the disicples conquered their fear in the unknown, hauled in such a number of fish that the nets began to break, and began the transformation from where they were to where He wanted them to be.

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Week 3 - Our Opportunity
3.20.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey...starting the last week of His of the things Christ did that you wouldn't necessarily consider a miracle. But it is! And it's the why behind that miracle that makes it amazing. The Son of God humbled himself before man, riding in on an animal beneath his position. Pastor Sean looks at this story in the Bible to find out the why behind the what.

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Week 4 - Easter at Thrive Chapel
3.27.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

The Resurrection. The most influential day for a Christian. It's the day that sets Christ apart from the other "would be" gods. His death meant our opportunity at eternal life...if we simply trust in Him. Plain and simple. No one enters into Heaven except through Him. And He did it all for you...He sacrificed Himself because He loves you.

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