series dates: 10/4/15 - 10/25/15


It's easy to act happy...much harder to be joyful. If you have a hard time finding joy in their lives, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Whether it's things you can control or circumstances you can't, Jesus is there to lift you up and help you find the joy in your situation.

Join us in October as we delve into Paul's letter to Philippi and see what finding true joy in Christ is about.


Week 1 - Joy No Matter What
10.4.15 • Sean Jazdzyk

Pastor Sean dives into the first chapter of Philippians and shares what the scriptural differences are between happiness and joy, as well as what it means to have joy no matter what's going on in your life.

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Week 2 - Joy Beyond Ourselves
10.11.15 • Sean Jazdzyk

Pastor Sean dissects Chapter 2 of Philippians to pull Biblical truths out regarding what it means to humble ourselves before Christ and find true joy by adjusting your focus to Jesus Christ and the work he's call you to.

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Week 3 - Joy's Focus
10.18.15 • Sean Jazdzyk

Pastor Sean looks at the 3rd chapter of Philippians to see what it looks like to refocus your life in the direction of pure joy. What does it take to stop looking at your past, celebrate your present and set your sights to God's future for you?

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Week 4 - Joy for Life
10.25.15 • Sean Jazdzyk

Pastor Sean closes out the series by looking at Chapter 4 and what it means to not only have true joy in your present situation, but how to keep that joy throughout your life. No matter what's happening or what will happen, do you have the foundation to be joyful?

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