SERIES DATES: 4.3.16 - 5.1.16

Your Questions...Answered

Life is full of questions. Paper or plastic? Should I get my drink medium, large or extra large? Is napping at work really a good idea?

This series takes questions you've sent in about faith, God and Christianity and answers them with Biblical and spiritual truths. Everything from "How Do I Have Faith and Overcome Doubt?" to "What Does God Really Want for my Marriage?" Join us Sundays from now til Mother's Day to see these and many more answered.


Week 1 - How Do I Overcome Faith and Doubt?
4.3.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

In Week 1 of this series, where we asked for your questions, Pastor Sean Jazdzyk dives into what it means to have faith and use that faith to overcome the doubt in our lives. Sometimes it's difficult to have faith in something you can't see, and that's where Satan attacks us with doubt. But Christ can overcome!

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Week 2 - How Do I Deal with Stress & Busyness?
4.10.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

Week 2 of this series focuses in on identifying, dealing with and overcoming the stress we put on ourselves by how busy we, as humans, like to stay. Sometimes it's ok to say no. You have to have an appropriate balance in your life or you'll find yourself drowning in things instead of glorifying the One!

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Week 3 - How Do I Deal with Letting Go/Difficult People?
4.17.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

Week 3 of this series looks at what it takes to let go of the things in our past that we think hold us back. Maybe it's a poor decision...maybe it's a strained relationship...maybe it's someone who, no matter what we do, makes our life difficult. We need to let go and allow Christ to move us forward.

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Week 4 - How Do I Tell What's God's Will?
4.24.16 • Sean Jazdzyk

Week 4 of this series dives into what God's will is, how we can seek it, what happens when it doesn't align with what we think should be happening in our life, and how to be content inside of God's will. It's not easy...but Christ never said it would be!

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Week 5 - Marriage LIVE Q&A
5.1.16 • Sean & Tara Jazdzyk

The "You Asked For It" series concludes with a LIVE Q&A with Senior Pastor Sean Jazdzyk and his wife, Tara. A combination of answering pre-submitted questions and answers to live questions submitted in the service helps to connect people with the Godly truths surrounding marriage and relationships.