Thrive Chapel

Thrive means to grow and develop vigorously, while Chapel is defined as a dedicated part of the church devoted to special services.

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We’ve discovered that the easiest way to make the decision to follow Jesus is in a Life-giving environment, surrounded by other people on the same journey. This is why we’ve intentionally designed every one of our Worship Services to connect you with Jesus and to help take your first step toward a personal relationship with Him.



We’ve discovered that the easiest way to find freedom is in a Life-giving environment, surrounded by other people on the same journey. This is why we’ve intentionally designed every one of our small groups to help you discover the amazing freedom that comes from surrendering your past to the future He’s designed for you.



Have you ever asked the question, “Why am I here?” Here’s another amazing GOD-truth: Jesus designed you on purpose for His Purpose! After we’ve received salvation and found freedom, Jesus wants us to discover the Purpose He’s designed us to fulfill. This is why we’ve intentionally designed our NEXT Steps and Growth Track to help you discover your purpose and to grow as a leader.



Jesus created you for more than to simply exist. In fact, He intentionally designed you to make a difference and to connect other people with Him. This is why our various ministry teams exist: to create opportunities for you to make a difference. On the Thrive Team you can serve other people on Sundays. On the ThriveThisTown Team you can serve our city by helping to meet the needs of others in our various SERVE Projects (humanitarian, charitable, construction, visitation). On the Legacy Team you can make a financial investment into the Mission of Jesus here in the Atlanta area and around the world.


Our Opportunity in the City

Cherokee County is the 5th Fastest Growing County in Georgia

Cherokee County From 2000 to 2010


Population Growth

The United States has far more church buildings than the number of McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Dunkin’ Donuts stores combined, giving the impression that there’s a church facility on every corner and plenty of room for anyone who wants to take part. As it stands, one out of three houses or apartment units on your street would not have a place in worship this weekend.
— Ed Stetzer (President, Lifeway Research)

The Need in the City

Of the 214,346 Cherokee County Residents. 122,896 Are Unclaimed In Their Faith

Evangelical Protestant

Unclaimed in their Faith

…If the entire population of more than three hundred million Americans wanted to go to an established church, including those that meet in storefronts, rented school facilities, and the like, more than half would be turned away, even if every church held three weekend services.
— Ed Stetzer (President, Lifeway Research)